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Are You Looking For The Hottest New Helmet Kits?


                                                                                              THE DELUXE
                                                                                             PENNANT KIT
                                                                                          FITS ALL HELMET

                          ™    The NEW HDHD™ Deluxe Pennant Decal Kit is designed for teams who wear a variety of helmet styles.
            HDHD               This decal set will fit all of your helmets and look GREAT regardless of your mix of helmet brands and

                               styles. Our exclusive NEW HDHD™ Pennant Stripe, Logo Decals and Sweatband panels will
                               make your team stand out from the competition!
            Your HDHD
                             Deluxe Pennant Decal Kit
            Includes:                                                                         Pennant Kit Price

                                                                                           Only $17 per kit!
            • One Custom Pennant Stripe
                                                                                               (min. order 15 kits)
            • Custom Sweatband Cover
            •  Stock patterns available in any color!
            •  Choose your design! Stock, solid color, or make it
             completely custom!
            Not available in matte or metallic flake                                           Stock Patterns
                                                                                          Available In Any Color!
                                                                                          See patterns on pg. 18
          TO ORDER: Due to the complexity of these new decal kits, more lead time         (Split tapered stripes)
          is necessary to ensure proper fit to the helmet style. Please plan for at least
          10 additional production days prior to shipment. Please specify helmet styles
          and sizes when ordering.                                            Choose your pattern from our stock patterns,
          Specify: Item #016036                                               or pick a solid color!
           All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their   (see color chart on pg. 15)
           respective owners.
   10                      Procals  Is Your #1 Source For Helmet Decals And More! The Largest  Selection, Fastest Turnaround, Lowest Prices and Toughest Decals!
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