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It’s A Matter Of Pride...On And Off The Field!  Award Decals

  •  ANY single color on clear background OR BONUS COLOR BACKGROUND at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  •  Made of the same tough 20-mil vinyl as our helmet decals
  •  ¾” designs on 1” punch-out circles take the hits game after game.    Custom Awards in 2 Sizes
  •  NO MINIMUM on stock awards featured on these two pages!                         1½” design
                                                                                    on 1⅝” circle
   STOCK AWARD DESIGNS Many more designs available… call us!

   F549 BONE CRUSHER  F550 SPECIAL TEAMS F552 PANCAKE BLOCK  P801 PRIDE  P701 POW      ¾” design
                                                                                      on 1” circle
                                                                          Need a Custom Award? Call us.
                                                                          We’ll get them to you in less than a week!
                                                                          We’ll help you create your own custom awards
                                 H706 DOUBLE
     S601 STAR    H714 HORSEHOE   HORSESHOE    F556 FOOTBALL  F557 HELMET  at no extra charge! Simply tell us what you’d like
                                                                          and we’ll design an award especially for
                                                                          your team. Price includes 1 color on thick, 20-mil
                                                                          vinyl with clear circle or FREE background color!

                                                                             Only $6.00 per sheet of
      O501 101%    H101 HATCHET    F555 TEAM  F560 SNOT KNOCKER  B933 BONE
                                                                             25 Awards in your choice
                                                                             of  ¾”  or  1½” Size
                                                                           TO ORDER: Specify STANDARD ¾” (#AD7CA) or
                                                                           larger, 1½” diameter (#AD1CA); design imprint color;
                                                                           background color if desired (see color chart); quantity.
                                                                           Minimum quantity: 5 SHEETS (125 decals). Ships in 5 working
                                                                           days or less after artwork is approved.
                                                                           SAVE with ½” Mini Awards
    C690 COWBOY    D421 DRAGON    E176 EAGLE  H192 HAWK/FALCON  R159 RAZORBACK  • 25 Awards per sheet on easy, punch-out circles.
                                                                           • Includes one color on clear 12-mil poly background.
                                                                           •  NO MINIMUM on stock Classic or Mascot designs
                                                                            shown on these pages!
                                                                           •   SHIPS IN 72 HOURS OR LESS!
     C801 CROSS    F558 ONE TEAM  T325 TROJAN  T411 TORNADO  H762 HURRICANE  •  MINI ½” SIZE on ⅝” circle.
                                                                           •   Custom designs not available
                                                                            in this size.          Shown actual size

                                                                             ONLY  $ 00 PER SHEET
        F564        W408 WING    E195 EAGLE     B552 BANDIT   T211 TIGER
                                                                           TO ORDER: Specify Award # and Name; ½” size;
                                                                           color (see color chart); number of sheets.
              Helmet Decal, Stripe, & Award Decal Colors Available
           Bright Yellow   Yellow Gold   Athletic Gold   Metallic Vegas Gold   Texas Orange
            (PMS 7406C)  (PMS 130C)  (PMS 715C)  (PMS 871C)  (PMS 168C)
             Orange    Scarlet Red   Cardinal   Maroon     Light Blue
             (PMS 166C)  (PMS 187C)  (PMS 202C)  (PMS 7643C)  (PMS 298C)
           Columbia Blue   Air Force Blue   Light Royal   Royal   Navy
            (PMS 3005C)  (PMS 3015C)  (PMS 287C)  (PMS 295C)  (PMS 2965C)
             Aqua        Teal       Purple     Light Grey   Dark Grey
            (PMS 322C)  (PMS 320C)  (PMS 2607C)  (PMS 422C)  (PMS424C)
           Metallic Silver   Kelly Green   Forest Green   Brown   Medium Pink
            (PMS 877C)  (PMS 356C)  (PMS 3435C)  (PMS 476C)  (PMS 218C)
           Carolina Blue   Hot Pink   Bright Orange   Black  White
            (PMS 278C)  (PMS 219C)  (PMS 804C)
              Standard colors for all decals. Approximate color guide only. Samples of actual colors available upon request.
                     CUSTOM COLORS, matched to any sample you send, just $25 extra per color.

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